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It was in the year 1982 when the majority of the Almosara family migrated to the United States, particularly Hawaii. Having been founded on the fullness of the Gospel truth and his whole family involved and active in church activities while in the Philippines, Santiago Almosara, Sr., the father and the oldest of the Almosaras tried to safeguard the seed of faith and the Word of God sown in the hearts of his wife and children. Immediately they looked for a church where they could attend and worship together. Throughout those years however, it was his heart's desire to maintain and uphold the way of worship in accordance to the beliefs and doctrines of the faith and working of the Holy Spirit as they had adhered to while in the Philippines.

Santiago Almosara, Sr. died on April 2, 1990 at the age of 86. It was during this time of mourning for their lost father that the Almosara clan felt the need to re-unite themselves under one faith and God. On April 14, 1990, Pastor Rodrigo Almosara, the eldest son came to Hawaii from the Philippines to officiate his father's funeral. With majority of the children present in Hawaii, they prayed together and agreed to formally and legally organize the Brethren of Christ in Hawaii (BCH) on July 12, 1990. The first board of directors were Santiago O. Almosara, Jr., Benjamin C. Tiburcio, Sara A. Tiburcio, and Judith A. Kidd. It was formally registered with the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs as a legal organization on August 23, 1990. Members of the Almosara family and friends constituted the first members of the group with services held at the Tiburcio residence at Ewa Beach, Hawaii.

In November of 1991, Pastor Rod and his wife Victoria visited again Hawaii. It was during this visit that services were started at Campbell High School Drama room every Sunday afternoon. Until March of 1992, before the couple went back to the Philippines, the BCH was registered with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a tax-exempt religious organization and on the same month and year the petition for a pastor and his family for the said church was approved.

On May 10, 1993, Pastor Rod, his wife and four of his children arrived in Hawaii to minister to the Spiritual needs of the Brethren especially the
Filipino community. The fellowship was formally opened and conducted at the Ewa Beach Community Park building on July 4, 1993, and was known
as the Brethren of Christ in Hawaii (BCH), with 8 adults and 4 children in attendance plus the pastor. After few months as each one eagerly invited
friends and family, attendance remarkably increased.

The Brethren of Christ in Hawaii had its first outreach to the Mainland on March 19, 1995. The Brethren of Christ Church at Victorville, California
was consecrated and inaugurated for the glory of God with Santiago O. Almosara, Jr. and his wife Dolor as the assigned pastor. To cater to the needs of the emerging outreaches and branches not only in Hawaii but as well as in the Mainland, the name Brethren of Christ in Hawaii was amended last March 31, 1995 and was changed to Brethren of Christ International.

The Brethren of Christ International launched its first Radio Ministry at 1270 KNDI Radio in Honolulu, Hawaii on April 8, 1995. The program was
aired every Saturday from 3:30 to 4:00 in the afternoon, which was in Filipino and was entitled "Halina't Magpuri" (Come and Worship). The program featured Christian singers, testimonies of answered prayers, as prayer requests from listeners were prayed for during the program and preaching of the Word of God.

In January of 1996, the Women's group launched the Ministry on Missions and Social Concerns with Victoria L. Almosara as its director. And in the
same year the Food Pantry was started. Various services of the missions cater to the needs of the newly arrived immigrants, veterans and the elderly population.

From this ministry was birthed the Springs of Living Water founded by Sis. Vicky Almosara as an off shoot of Brethren of Christ International. The
foundation maintains the Faith Hope and Love Child Care and Learning Center, a Job Enhancement Program, Computer training, English Literacy
classes for the community. For more information regarding the childcare and other community trainings like computer, ESL, Citizenship, etc., you
may call (808) 676-4673 or email vlalmosara@aol.com.

In January of 1999, the BCI Misawa, Japan was started by Bro. Joel Almosara and wife Suzy.

In September of 1999, the headquarters church in Hawaii was re-located to a new permanent place at 94-133 Pahu St., Waipahu, HI. Also in the
same month, Pastor Gerardo Tomas and family left for Denver, Colorado to pioneer a church as missionaries. BCI Colorado was registered with the
State of Colorado on November 12, 1999

On October 4, 2003, the Brethren of Christ International in Bremerton, Washington was registered and inaugurated with Pastor Gerardo and Lorenza Love Tomas as pastors.

Every year missionaries from Hawaii visit the Philippines and as of this date Brethren of Christ International has 15 daughter and affiliate churches.

From the humble beginnings of this ministry in the Philippines and its expansion abroad, it only proves one thing, that this church and its ministries is not of any man's doing. This church is God-ordained. We are now in the end times. God is calling men and women to answer God's call for His service. The harvest is now ready and plenteous but the workers are few. The invitation is still open for us. God is no respecter of person. He is calling clean and willing vessels to be used for His Kingdom. You may be young or old, rich or poor, man or woman, Filipino or American or
whatever ethnicity and nationality you may come from.

The time to answer His call is now.


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